NightCap Camera 9.0 Launched

NightCap Pro is now called NightCap Camera! New features: Time Lapse: Record time lapse videos in 4K or HD, and combine with long exposure or light trails mode for incredible results. And Night Mode allows you to record stunning time lapse of the night sky. Black and...

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Farewell to NightCap. Long live NightCap Pro!

NightCap was amazing when it launched back in December 2011. It brought true long exposure photography and a measure of manual control to the iPhone for the very first time. Since then we've continued to develop powerful new camera technology for both the iPhone and...

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Start something new: Apple campaign features NightCap Pro

Apple have launched a new campaign called "Start something new" highlighting some great artworks made on Apple products. We're incredibly happy to see Darren Pearson's featured light painting created with NightCap Pro using an iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. Darren sets...

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NightCap Pro 8.0 Launches

NightCap Pro 8.0 for iPhone and iPad will take your night time photography to new places with some amazing new features! 4 amazing new automatic camera modes Meteor Mode helps photograph meteors (shooting stars). Turn this mode on and point your camera up at the sky...

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NightCap Pro 7 is now available

What's new in version 7: Watch Support NightCap Pro 7 fully supports Apple Watch. A separate Watch App will install on the Watch, which communicates to NightCap Pro on your iPhone. With live preview, you can take photos, record videos, and control many of the app's...

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NightCap Pro 6.0 Launched

NightCap Pro 6.0 is a major update with big new features and a new, simpler interface. What's new in 6.0:   1. Aidie, a fully automatic AI camera operator Aidie chooses the optimum camera settings for you automatically, meaning brighter, clearer photos in low light...

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NightCap and NightCap Pro 5.3 available now

NightCap and NightCap Pro 5.1 are finished and have been submitted to the App Store. Both apps will be available as a free updated for existing customers as soon as they’ve been reviewed and approved by Apple.

New in 5.1

  • Major improvements for iPhone 4S owners
    • If you still find the app unstable on your iPhone 4S, please restart your device completely
  • Improved photo quality with reduced colour noise
  • Improved colour accuracy with very long exposures
  • Improved privacy / permissions: Microphone access no longer required for NightCap, and only required for video recording with NightCap Pro – if you refuse permission you can still record videos without sound
  • Smaller, faster, lighter: Both apps use less memory, load faster, and take even less space on your device

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