NightCap and NightCap Pro 5.3 available now

New in 5.3

  • Full support for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • Volume shutter control
  • Lots of fixes and improvements

Previous updates


  • Major improvements for iPhone 4S owners
    If you still find the app unstable on your iPhone 4S, please restart your device completely
  • Improved photo quality with reduced colour noise
  • Improved colour accuracy with very long exposures
  • Improved privacy / permissions: Microphone access no longer required for NightCap, and only required for video recording with NightCap Pro – if you refuse permission you can still record videos without sound
  • Smaller, faster, lighter: Both apps use less memory, load faster, and take even less space on your device
  • New icon


  • Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Improved photo quality with higher contrast and more accurate colour
  • Removed “green tint” when taking very long exposure photos
  • Reduced memory usage for iPhone 4S owners
  • Microphone access no longer required for NightCap

5.0 (NightCap Pro):

Light Boost is now called NightCap Pro

It’s the very best of NightCap and Light Boost in one amazing app plus some stunning new features:

  1. Two ultra long exposure modes. Tap shutter to start, tap again to end – exposure time is unlimited. These combine many images to create longer exposures:
    1. Extended exposure mode – Noise free, detailed long exposures
    2. Light trail mode – Star trails, light painting, moving traffic
  2. Instant Shutter: photo taking is now instant at all times
  3. Self timer: 1-10 seconds with audible countdown
  4. Burst mode
  5. On-screen grid to aid composition
  6. Geotagging (saves photo location)
  7. Optional high quality JPEG or perfect quality TIFF photos

5.0 (NightCap):

  1. Instant Shutter – photo taking is now instant at all times
  2. Night Mode control:
    1. On: Best in low light. Good with a tripod
    2. Off: Balanced performance. Good in low light, fast and responsive. OK for hand held use
    3. High ISO mode is enabled automatically with Night Mode (iPhone5 only, no other devices have this hardware feature)
  3. Zoom control (camera-style for easy, smooth zoom)
  4. Many more fixes and improvements

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