NightCap and NightCap Pro Tutorials

Learn to take amazing photos with your iPhone and NightCap Pro with these tutorials. From the basics of using the app to photographing the night sky (including stars, meteors, and the ISS!)

NightCap Pro and a telescope: Photographing the Orion Nebula


The Orion Nebula is one of the brightest and most beautiful nebulas in the sky

It’s easy to find Orion, and it’s visible with even budget binoculars or telescopes.

So how about photographing it? Matt at iAstrophotography took this stunning photo using an iPhone and NightCap Pro with his telescope, and he’s written about the equipment and the process he used.

Photo by Matt at

Photo by Matt at iAstrophotography

Read more at iAstrophotography

If you have a telescope why not give it a go!

How to watch a meteor shower and photograph it with your iPhone


Shooting stars: a beautiful sight everyone should see at least once!

Have you ever seen a shooting star? It’s quite a spectacle, seeing a little piece of dust or rock burning a line across the night sky. If you’d like to see shooting stars (or perhaps even a much more impressive fireball!) without waiting for hours and hours, what you need is a meteor shower.

Meteors photographed on iPhone

Left: A large, bright fireball. Center: A bright shooting star. Right: A common shooting star.

While you’re at it, why not take an amazing photo? With NightCap Camera you can photograph a meteor shower using your iPhone! (more…)