NightCap Pro 8.0 Launches

NightCap Pro 8.0 for iPhone and iPad will take your night time photography to new places with some amazing new features!

4 amazing new automatic camera modes

A fireball (a big shooting star / meteor)

Meteor Mode helps photograph meteors (shooting stars). Turn this mode on and point your camera up at the sky (ideally during a meteor shower). Tap the shutter, wait an hour or so, and see what it’s captured!

Meteor Mode takes 5 second exposure photos continuously, and checks each photo automatically for anything that could be a meteor. It might take a thousand photos in total, but will only save a fraction that it thinks could contain a meteor.

ISS Mode is designed to take amazing photographs of the ISS (International Space Station).

Activate this mode before the ISS is due to pass, point the iPhone in the right direction, and tap the shutter. Tap it again once the ISS has passed. It’s that simple.

Details of ISS passes can be found at sites like Meteor Watch (UK only) or with apps like Sputnik!.

ISS by James Parker
Stars by Andy Stones

Stars Mode is for photographing the night sky. It sets the camera up for you for best results – just point the camera upwards, place in a tripod or a secure position, and tap the shutter.

Stars mode takes a single 10 second exposure that reveals as many stars as possible while reducing graininess.

Star Trails Mode takes very long exposure photos (at least 15 minutes is recommended) of the night sky, so that the movement of the stars across the sky can be seen.

The iPhone needs to be kept perfectly still, so a tripod or some other way of holding it in place is essential.

The photo on the right is a 2 hour exposure.

Star trails by Andy Stones

AI Focus

AI Focus solves a difficult problem: slow and unreliable focusing in low light. Because the camera uses slow shutter speeds in low light, it works slowly and focusing is very slow too as a result. As well as being slow, dark scenes (especially with stars or bright lights) can confuse the iPhone’s auto-focus system leaving you with out of focus photos.

Not any more. AI Focus will activate automatically in low light, and makes automatic focusing extremely fast and reliable, even with tricky subjects like stars!

And it helps manual focus too! Previously the app focused between 0 (near focus) and 100, but because of the way the iPhone camera works “100” was “past infinity”, with the infinite focus point being somewhere between 70 and 90 (it varies between devices). The new AI focus system learns where infinity really is for your own iPhone, and will now set 100 to the correct point.

This means you can now set manual focus to 100 for distant objects instead of trying to figure out if it should be 82 or 84!

Support for 3D Touch and iPad Pro

NightCap Pro 8 adds support for the iPad Pro, and also adds 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Press firmly on the app icon for a shortcut menu giving instant access to the app’s main

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