NightCap and NightCap Pro 5.3 available now

NightCap and NightCap Pro 5.1 are finished and have been submitted to the App Store. Both apps will be available as a free updated for existing customers as soon as they’ve been reviewed and approved by Apple.

New in 5.1

  • Major improvements for iPhone 4S owners
    • If you still find the app unstable on your iPhone 4S, please restart your device completely
  • Improved photo quality with reduced colour noise
  • Improved colour accuracy with very long exposures
  • Improved privacy / permissions: Microphone access no longer required for NightCap, and only required for video recording with NightCap Pro – if you refuse permission you can still record videos without sound
  • Smaller, faster, lighter: Both apps use less memory, load faster, and take even less space on your device

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