NightCap Camera 9.0 (Formerly NightCap Pro) Launched

NightCap Pro is now called NightCap Camera!

New features:

  • Time Lapse: Record time lapse videos in 4K or HD, and combine with long exposure or light trails mode for incredible results. And Night Mode allows you to record stunning time lapse of the night sky.
  • Black and white: Switch between colour and black and white at any time. Works with photo, video and time lapse.
  • Full iPhone 7 Plus support: Quickly switch between back cameras.
  • Accessibility: Full VoiceOver support for blind and visually impaired people.
  • Improved Light Trails and Long Exposure modes.
  • Longer video recording, better photo viewer, and more.
  • New icon!

Time lapse

Time lapse video can look amazing, and NightCap Camera 9 makes it easy to create stunning time lapse in any conditions.

Time lapse features:

  • Adjustable speed (from 6x faster than real life to 1800x, or 1 minute per frame) with smooth 30fps video output
  • Adjustable video quality from 640×480 to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)
  • Turn on Long Exposure mode for super smooth output with motion blur and low noise even in low light
  • Turn on Light Trails mode for amazing star trails time lapse or high speed light trails with moving traffic
  • Night Mode allows time lapse recording in very low light. You can now record night sky time lapse videos on your mobile phone!

Black and White mode

You can now take black and white photos, videos and time lapse with NightCap.

Better still, when B+W mode is enabled, the iPhone’s built-in noise reduction system is disabled. This means your black and white low light photos will have beautiful, film-like grain. (If you like that look, try turning up ISO and reducing exposure with the manual controls for the same look in daylight!)

Full iPhone 7 / 7 Plus support

Including a dedicated 1x/2x button to quickly switch between rear cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.


NightCap now fully supports Voice Over, meaning blind and visually impaired people can use the app now!

Yes, it is possible! We were contacted by a blind customer who wanted to photograph the stars, which was a huge inspiration to us and led to us spending many hours ensuring the app is accessible to everyone. We’ve added accessibility support to the iPhone, iPad and Watch apps, and accessibility is available in all 12 languages.

Improved Light Trails and Long Exposure

We’ve improved the special Light Trails mode (and also Star Trails, ISS and Meteor modes) to reduce the amount of colour noise in low light shots.

Both Light Trails and Long Exposure modes now benefit from 30fps capture in daylight, for much smoother photos.

Full WatchOS 3 support

You can now add NightCap to the dock, which means it’ll be loaded and ready to use whenever you need it. This avoids the annoying wait while the app loads, and has no effect on battery life.

Other improvements

There are many smaller improvements too:

  • Improved photo album – you can now delete photos and videos from within the app
  • Longer video recording – improvements in iOS 10 allow us to give you up to 2x longer recording time than before at exactly the same quality
  • Interface improvements, especially the Camera Tools panel (Star button)

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