NightCap Pro 6.0 Launched

NightCap Pro 6.0 is a major update with big new features and a new, simpler interface.

What’s new in 6.0:

 NightCap Pro 6 for iPhone manual camera controls

1. Aidie, a fully automatic AI camera operator

Aidie chooses the optimum camera settings for you automatically, meaning brighter, clearer photos in low light with less risk of blurring the shot. All you need to do is hold steady and tap the shutter.


2. Innovative manual camera controls

Designed for photographers: intuitive gesture-based control of exposure, ISO, focus and even white balance. Instant, full manual control of all camera features is available, you simply slide your finger across different parts of the screen to control different parameters. It’s as easy and intuitive as turning a dial. And full manual control is available in video mode too!


3. ISO Boost

Get up to 4x higher ISO for those tricky shots!


4. Simpler, easier to use interface

Despite adding major new features we’ve simplified the interface – there are now 30% fewer buttons, making the app easier to use.


There are many more fixes and improvements too, especially for older devices.