Getting started

NightCap Camera is designed to make taking great photos easier, especially in low light. This guide will teach you how to take better photos and videos when it starts to get dark.

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Manual camera controls

Automatic cameras are great, but by setting the camera up manually you have far more creative freedom and can take more interesting photos. Here’s how, with NightCap Camera’s quick and easy manual controls.

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Long Exposure, Light Trails and advanced features

You can take some great photos with NightCap Camera without touching anything but the shutter button. But if you want to get the best from the app, it’s worth learning how to use the extras like Long Exposure mode and Light Trails mode – you can take amazing pictures with ease once you know how!

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Night sky photography

The night sky

Learn to photograph the night sky like a pro! Starry skies, star trails, the aurora, even shooting stars and satellites like the International Space Station are easy to photograph with NightCap Camera.

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The moon

The moon is difficult to photograph on an iPhone. The moon is very small, and also very bright against a dark sky and this confuses the camera resulting in a too-bright moon, a grainy sky, and poor focusing. NightCap Camera can help – just follow our simple guide and learn to take far better photos.

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Aurora photography and time lapse

The aurora is an amazing sight, and if you’re lucky enough to see the Lights you’ll want a photo or video to remember the occasion. With NightCap it’s easy! Learn how to take great photos and stunning time lapse video!

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Meteors and shooting stars

Have you ever seen a shooting star? It’s quite a spectacle, seeing a little piece of dust or rock burning a line across the night sky.

If you’d like to see shooting stars (or perhaps even a much more impressive fireball!) without waiting for hours and hours, what you need is a meteor shower.

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Solar eclipses

Eclipses are rare, and total eclipses are often a once in a lifetime experience. Our guide will show you how to set up NightCap Camera on your iPhone or iPad to take a sequence of photos automatically, so you can focus on watching the eclipse and not the screen.

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Comets can be a spectacular sight, but they can look even better in a photo. Here’s how to take a great photo of a comet with your iPhone.

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Fireworks can look amazing in a photo, but the iPhone’s automatic systems can struggle to get them right. Learn to get it right with a few easy adjustments in NightCap Camera!

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Lightning is one of the great spectacles of nature, but how to photograph it? It’s over before you’ve even reached for the camera.

Learn how to use NightCap Camera’s special modes to make it easy!

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Light painting

Artist Darren Pearson (whose work has been featured by Apple) has produced some amazing light paintings using his iPhone and Apple Watch with NightCap Camera. He’s also very kindly produced a tutorial video showing how it’s done, so you can try it yourself!

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