Quick tips

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Hold steady

Use a tripod

The darker it gets, the slower it gets

No camera works in complete darkness

How can I get better focus in very low light?

When to use Night Mode or Light Boost

When to use the special modes

Video resolution

Which iPhone is best for low light photography with NightCap Camera

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Frequently asked questions

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Why does it take so long to focus?

Why isn't Night Mode available for photos?

When should I use the flash?

What's the difference between standard photos and Long Exposure mode?

How do I photograph the moon?

Why is access to the camera / microphone / photo library / location required?

Why is infinite (100) focus slightly blurry?

Can I use the volume button, headphones or bluetooth remote to take photos?

Photos or videos appear rotated when they're saved

NightCap Camera is crashing or not working correctly, what should I do?

Is an Android version available?

Where is NightCap Camera's Privacy Policy?